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THAEM - Mind Money Balance

A 4 Week Live Intensive for High Achievers looking to level up and HEAL their relationship with Money.

Get on track with your finances and create the life you've been dreaming of!

Who Are We

THAEM - Mind Money Balance
a 4 Week Masterclass series

and save 50% before May 10th.

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MARTP Transformational Practice is a therapy and coaching education practice.  We do not sell a business opportunity, "get rich quick" program or money-making systems.  We believe with learning, individuals can be better prepared to make decisions, whether it's investment decisions or decisions to heal one-self.  All healing is Self-Healing, and therefore we cannot guarantee success in our training, or that you will be healed.  We are here to guide you and offer training and tools so that the individual can use that to transform their own circumstance.  We do not make earnings claims, efforts claims, or claims that our training will make you any money.  All materials is intellectual property and protected by copyright.  Any duplication, reproduction, or distribution is strictly prohibited.  Please see our Full Disclosure for important details.

Investing of any kind carries risk and it is possible to lose some or all of your money.  The training provided is general in nature, and some strategies may not work appropriate for all individuals or all situations.  We make no representation regarding the likelihood or probability that any actual or hypothetical investment or healing modality will achieve a particular outcome or perform in any particular manner.

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