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Create a new Paradigm,
and demolish the barriers impeding the flow of success!

Marisa Grace

I help Conscious Leaders, Healers, and Individuals unlock their inherent power to release anxiety and transcend past-life and present traumas, paving the way for effortless expansion in both personal life and business.

Break Through Success Barriers:
Elevate Your Journey with Hypnotherapy for Unleashing Your Full Potential

On this life journey, our main goal is to uncover and release hidden barriers and emotional wounds tied to money, especially those rooted in childhood trauma and limiting beliefs. Through the process of hypnotherapy or Guided Meditation, we delve into these aspects, liberating ourselves from past burdens at root cause once and forever.  This transformative process allows us to reconnect with our true, authentic selves!

Explore your life purpose, gain clarity on the steps ahead, and understand how childhood trauma and limiting beliefs contribute to success blocks. Break free from the repeated cycles of job changes and financial scarcity by transforming these patterns. Achieving clarity removes doubt, confusion, and the cycle of layoffs, fostering focus, confidence, and motivation for a smoother journey forward.

Heal Anxiety, the residue of Past Trauma, Generational Trauma, and transform limiting beliefs that keep us stagnant in our own journeys!

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In the quest for success, we deal with tough battles like worry, inner conflicts, and the constant fear of things going wrong or losing your job.


The constant worry about not having enough money creates a big amount of anxiety, casting a heavy shadow of financial insecurity.  


Even with these achievements, you still face big challenges, aiming to find balance and strength in the midst of unpredictable uncertainties.

The inner battle is real...

You're astoundingly smart, profoundly creative, and an adept problem-solver.

You possess the unique ability to single-handedly revolutionize a company, steering it towards unparalleled success.

BUT You also..

Face lack of acknowledgment despite putting in consistent hard work, often goes unnoticed for your contributions.

You face a challenging reality where others seem to be actively working against you, aiming to undermine your efforts.

Despite undeniable skills and dedication, you find yourself stuck, unable to surpass a certain point on the ladder of success.

This journey is marked by a persistent struggle against external forces that seek to hinder your progress.

You're a spiritual conscious individual, yet the art of manifestation doesn't seem to work, and you blame yourself for the reality that you are experiencing. 

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Unblocking Financial Barriers and Healing Anxiety, Deep-Seated Trauma with Hypnotherapy!

Hypnotherapy stands as a potent catalyst in the realm of personal transformation, particularly when it comes to overcoming financial blocks, dismantling limiting beliefs, and addressing the lingering effects of childhood trauma. This powerful therapeutic approach operates at the subconscious level, swiftly delving into the root causes of these challenges.


Rapid Transformation:

By accessing the deep recesses of the mind, hypnotherapy facilitates a rapid and targeted transformation, offering a more efficient avenue for change compared to traditional therapies. Unearthing and reprogramming ingrained beliefs and traumas, this modality empowers individuals to break free from the shackles of financial constraints, fostering a swifter and more profound journey toward holistic well-being and financial resilience.

Transforming fear and deep rooted beliefs such as:

Fear of Powerlessness / Fear of Success / Unworthiness / Self-Doubt


I had a wonderful session with Marisa regarding money blocks and it was really powerful because we went through multiple scenes and got over so many negative feelings, thoughts and beliefs.  After the session I felt lighter and more happy, I felt really like everything is available to me and that I deserve to have everything I want.  The session was amazing.  Marisa is a very warm and trustworthy therapist, she makes you feel at ease and taken care of.  Overall it was a wonderful experience.

Marisa Grace

Meet Marisa

Hi there, I'm Marisa, and my goal is simple: to inspire and uplift others, helping them break free from old beliefs and traumas that might be holding them back.

Growing up, I faced my fair share of challenges – childhood trauma, abuse, depression, and anxiety. But I managed to turn things around. Now, as a Rapid Transformational Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Licensed RTT Practitioner, and EFT/TFT Tapping Practitioner, I'm here to guide you through your own journey to healing.

A few years back, I embarked on a spiritual quest and explored various holistic approaches to overcome my own past struggles. I've been there – the financial crises, the inability to climb the corporate ladder despite my abilities, and the need to rebuild from scratch. It became my mission to help others do the same, tapping into their inner strength for lasting healing and success.

Let's find hope together and navigate the path to a more fulfilling life!

Childhood Trauma

Childhood trauma can cast a long and persistent shadow on our adult day-to-day lives, influencing various facets of our well-being. The impact of early adverse experiences can shape our emotional, psychological, and even physical responses to the world around us. Individuals who have undergone childhood trauma may grapple with difficulties in forming and maintaining healthy relationships, struggle with trust issues, and contend with a heightened sense of vulnerability. These experiences can also manifest in emotional regulation challenges, affecting mood and stress management. Additionally, the coping mechanisms developed during childhood trauma may persist into adulthood, potentially leading to maladaptive behaviors, such as substance abuse or self-destructive patterns. Unresolved trauma can further contribute to mental health issues, including anxiety and depression. Recognizing and addressing the effects of childhood trauma is crucial for fostering healing and promoting a more resilient adult life.  Hypnosis can assist in addressing childhood trauma by accessing the subconscious mind, allowing individuals to explore and reframe traumatic memories, promote healing, and develop healthier coping mechanisms.


Subconscious blocks, formed through a combination of past experiences, beliefs, and societal influences, can significantly impact our adult day-to-day lives. These hidden barriers operate beneath our conscious awareness, shaping our thoughts, behaviors, and decisions. Unresolved traumas, ingrained negative beliefs, or cultural conditioning can create self-imposed limitations that hinder personal and professional growth. These subconscious blocks may manifest as self-doubt, fear of success or failure, and an aversion to risk-taking. Self-doubt stops us from reaching our goals because it makes us unsure about ourselves. When we doubt ourselves, we might think we're not good enough or that we'll fail if we try. This feeling can hold us back from taking the steps we need to achieve what we want. Instead of moving forward with confidence, self-doubt makes us hesitate or even give up on our goals altogether. It's like having a big roadblock in front of us that we can't seem to get past.. Hypnosis aids in overcoming self-doubt by helping individuals access deeper layers of their mind, enabling them to identify and reprogram limiting beliefs, fostering positive behavioral changes and personal growth.


Procrastination is when we put off doing things, especially important ones, even when we know we should do them. Sometimes, this habit can be linked to childhood trauma or hidden barriers in our minds. Maybe something happened when we were younger that made us afraid of trying new things or worried about failing. These feelings can stick with us and make us avoid tasks that remind us of those past experiences. When we procrastinate, we delay taking action on our goals, which can hold us back from achieving success. It's like our mind is trying to protect us from something that happened before, but it ends up getting in the way of our progress.

Ready to connect?

Are You Ready to Open the Doorways to Self-Confidence and Motivation for Goal Achievement?

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