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Marisa works with clients one on one live for private sessions over Zoom, please email us for in person sessions in NY.  Virtual sessions are just as effective as in person sessions.

Hypnotherapy sessions focus on achieving specific outcomes. By using guided meditation, we can uncover the ROOT of the problem. In a session, the client is led through their subconscious programming to overcome any resistance, which can bring about changes in just one session.

Below are Marisa's most requested packages.  You can also schedule a consultation to speak directly to Marisa to discuss any of our services, online programs or specific challenges that you may be dealing with.

I do not accept insurance, but provide payment plans and a variety of  promotions.

In a Private Single Session we can work on any SINGLE issue such as PROCRASTINATION & SELF-DOUBT or challenge you may be having in your life.  Each Session is approximately three hours long, accompanied with a personalized recording.  A complimentary post-session call is included with each session.  Payment plan available, promotions and discounts do not apply to payment plans.


Schedule a 45 minute consultation to explore my services.  This is a Zoom call.


Some people feel better after one session, but I recommend at least 2 sessions for best results.  Includes initial 45 minute consultation and TWO hypnotherapy sessions.  Book your first appointment now and we will schedule your sessions during our initial consultation.  Payment plan available, promotions and discounts do not apply to payment plans


90 Minute Virtual Session

Receive a personal healing session complete with the infusion of White Light, the chakras undergo a clearing and revitalization process, fostering a harmonious balance within this crucial system.  These sessions hold the potential to influence various facets of one's well-being, encompassing mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health.  Recommended for Mental Clarity, Pain Management, and Fear.


BEST for Individuals that need a little more guidance.  Five Week Transformational Package to work with issues such as ANXIETY, FEARS, FINANCIAL BLOCKS, LOSS OF PURPOSE, and much more.

Learn to Re-Wire your thought patterns and heal from the ROOT cause by having a deeper understanding of your experiences.  Weekly 90 minutes calls, combined with Hypnotherapy, Sound Therapy, Breathwork, and EFT for a total transformation of Mind and Soul.  Start by booking your first one on one session today.  Payment Plan available.

The pricing listed reflects the discounted price applicable when paid in full; payment plans are subject to a higher fee.
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Feel free to reach out with any questions or if you would like to learn more about our Programs.

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