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with your SOUL PURPOSE

We are all here for a Purpose!

Find your purpose is sage wisdom. You may have seen it shared around the internet or printed on a coffee mug. But, HOW do you actually gain clarity in your purpose amidst the chaos of life?! 

YOU have this inner knowing, a calling, that you were here to do something more.  You have a calling to help others in some way, shape or form. 

BUT you feel trapped in a fog, with lack of motivation. 


 Unresolved Childhood Trauma 

 Trauma is different for everyone, but we are all living with unprocessed trauma and suppressed emotions from early childhood.  Some may be derived from very traumatic experiences like sexual abuse or physical abuse; and some derive from experiences where we felt rejected from our parents.

 Lack of Confidence

Not feeling good enough to go after what we love and what we really want to do. 

Disconnection from Self

Often feels like you have a lack of Joy in life.  Not knowing or not finding what you want to do in life, but you know what you don't want.

Discontentment or Sadness

Feeling sadness or depression about life and the direction it's going.  Anxious about past or future events, stuck in a pattern of repeating the same stories, same words, and same thoughts over and over again.


Fear of failure or fear that you will not be accepted.  Fear that you are not good enough to pursue the very thing that your soul is calling you to do.

After all you have a burning desire to make a difference in the world, and live a life of PURPOSE!

Marisa Grace

Presented by Marisa Grace

Marisa is a Career Development Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Rapid Transformational Therapist, and EFT Practitioner.  Through her years of practice she has helped many find meaning and purpose in life.  Her unique approach brings people closer to their inner true authentic selves, harnessing self love that leads  them on a path of True Self Expression!




 A clear vision of your goals and soul purpose.  You have an inner   knowing that you are called here to do something greater.  Your soul is calling you to start your journey, and you are gaining clarity of what that journey is.



To love waking up every morning knowing we are  making a difference doing the very thing that brings us Joy and




Feeling confident in your new abilities or qualifying for a new career/job.  Confident that you are good enough to pursue a new direction in life and communicating as an expert in your field.



Achieving our goals while doing what we love to do while reaping abundance.  Finding what is unique about you, and utilizing your skills, your inner magic and your purpose to create a life of your dreams.


 In all aspects of our lives feeling fulfilled in whatever it is that we are doing; whether is cleaning our home, pursuing a new career or on a new journey in life.


Feeling abundance all around; in friendships, love, relationships, opportunities, nature, and money.

INTRODUCING:  Master Your Purpose 

For Healers and those on a Spiritual Journey wanting to gain Clarity on their Purpose.

This is a no BS 12 Week Program

A life changing Program that helps you overcome limiting beliefs, overcome childhood trauma, and give you the key to


Uncover your Purpose directly from the perspective of your Higher Soul.

There is no better source to acquire this information from;

NOT from a psychic

NOT from a medium

NOT from a deck of cards

BUT from your own HIGHER SOUL.

STOP depending on outside sources to guide you in the right direction, and allow me to show you the magic you already have within you to acquire this information.


Here's the Thing, When you

  • Conquer your Fears

  • Identify and eliminate deep seated limiting beliefs and trauma blocks;

  • Radiate confidence and unleash your manifestation powers;

  • Let go of subconscious sabotaging patterns and start living your life purpose;

Your Soul will thank you!

Transformational Sessions with Marisa
 Weekly LIVE virtual sessions to work on subconscious blocks and Trapped Trauma that is standing in your way.  Overcome childhood trauma, self-doubt, procrastination and self-worth.


Unlimited Support
Be supported throughout this journey by Marisa via text or email, and Facebook group.

FREE Workbook  
Receive a self-paced workbook to guide you through the process of understanding your Life's Purpose, Manifestation tips and worksheets, 
Steps on how to hit your income goals, and 

create an action plan of what to do to get there.

Live Coaching Sessions
To guide you through the process of reaching your Soul Purpose, transitioning your career, manifesting and setting up the foundations of turning your purpose into a side-Hussle or full time career.

Replays of Live Sessions
Not able to make it to every live session, no problem!  All sessions will be recorded and you will have unlimited access of all replays.

Here are some of the things we’ll cover in the program: 



Learn the difference between Life Purpose (or passion) and Soul Purpose and how to integrate both

How your Limiting Beliefs, and unhealed trauma impacts your life and prevents you from moving forward
The steps you need to take to get you to where you need to be in fulfilling your Purpose
Be guided through a very unique experience and access the Akashic Records to understand our Soul Purpose
The power of Manifestation and how to manifest
Money Mindset to feel worthy of attracting and receiving abundance without sabotage, and be in the right state of mind to grow your aligned career or business
How to turn your Purpose into a side-hustle or full time business, and live a life of purpose and joy
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Marisa Offers 100% guarantee

If after 9 weeks following my program you do not see an improvement in any area

of well-being I will refund your program.

You are here for a higher purpose...  
We often feel stuck and in limbo reliving the same patterns of life day after day.  Feeling unfulfilled and disconnected from who we truly are.

The Truth is...
Finding your purpose is a Journey.  A journey of learning, healing and rediscovering who we truly are.

Master Your Purpose  
Is a 12 week program that will support you in gaining clarity in your purpose, reconnect to your Divine Being, and infuse every day with confidence, clarity and magic.

Through this guided journey, you will HEAL, find CLARITY, understand your Soul PURPOSE, and learn that you possess magic within you.  

Learn how to use your unique skills to make each day extraordinary, abundant and Joyful.


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Live classes 1:30pm - 3:00 pm Eastern
NY Time
(10:30 am PST / 6:30 pm London / 3:30 am Sunday Sydney)
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