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Unlock Prosperity:

Empower Your Future with Masterful Financial Literacy and Wealth Mastery!

Are you feeling stuck in a financial rut, unable to make the strides you envisioned for your life or business?


Do you find success elusive, despite being a high-achiever, a side-hustler extraordinaire, or simply someone aiming to enhance your financial standing?

If you're familiar with the constant mental chatter undermining your worth and potential — the doubts like "you're not worthy," "you'll never make it," or "who do you think you are?" — it's time to bid farewell to those limiting beliefs.

Still dreaming of that Hawaiian vacation, your dream home, or juggling multiple side-hustles while living a truly rich life?

Here's what might be standing in your way:

Your Current Financial Situation: Your bank accounts might be crying out for relief each time you contemplate treating yourself. Your debt-to-income ratio is likely leaning on the negative side, and those credit card balances seem to defy your efforts to shrink them. Scaling your business feels like a distant dream as you cling to stability.

Your Relationship with Money: Our connections with money are intricate, shaped by childhood nurture and values. Even siblings raised in the same household can harbor vastly different views on money. This relationship can manifest as extreme frugality or irresponsible overspending, both of which pose challenges to achieving financial goals.

Childhood Traumas: Early experiences, especially those in financially volatile households, leave lasting imprints on our money behaviors. Traumas unrelated to finances, such as a lack of parental love or childhood abuse, can influence spending habits and financial secrecy. Overspending, driven by a desire to boost self-worth, can lead to not only unmanageable debt but also strained relationships.

Break free from these obstacles and embark on a journey toward financial empowerment. Imagine a life where your dreams become realities, and your relationship with money transforms into a source of strength rather than constraint.


Let's navigate this transformative journey together, and create a powerful

Positive Money Mindset

In order to achieve your Financial Goals!

With the right guidance, tools, and support, you can become empowered to create the RICH LIFE you want!

Budget for the Life you Really Want...

Get organized, find more money, and finally feel secure in your finances.  Regardless of what you want to do with your money, it starts with learning how to use money as a tool (energy currency) rather than a necessity.

Re-wire your Thoughts and Past Choices around Money...

Learn from past mistakes and turn it into something good.  Improve your relationship with money and your partner.  Rather than focusing on changing your perceived bad money habits, it's time to work on changing your mindset to achieve the financial freedom you and your family desire.

Change your Money Mindset by Healing Childhood Trauma...

Awareness is the first step to growth and change.  Learning the root cause of your beliefs and the relationship you have with money is key to heal the subconscious programing that is the driving forces of your money relationship.

Set Realistic Goals...

When you set goals that you can actually achieve by saving, investing, and getting your family back on track, it will boost your confidence, and that confidence will then improve money mindset and your relationship with money.


THAEM Unleashed: Your Path to
Transformation - Financial Healing, Alchemy, Empowerment, Mastery

A Transformational 16 Week Online Mentorship

In this program we will cover:

*  Deep money mindset work to recalibrate your subconscious programming around abundance, money and opportunities

*  Heal Childhood Trauma directly affecting your relationship with Money

*  Take a deep dive into your finances, learn what is not working and areas where we can improve

*  How to be financially stable

*  How to create Good Habits that will set you on the right track whether is being a great leader or growing your business.

*  Money Mindset Strategies, feel worthy of attracting and receiving abundance without sabotage, recalibrate your energy field so you align with receiving prosperity.

* Investment and Savings strategies that will help you reach your goal.

* The Laws of The Universe - Learn how to navigate and apply the different laws, whether it's the Law of Manifesting or the Law of Cause and Effect.

*  Organize your finances and Budget.  Create a plan that will set you on track for your Success!

Most importantly, you will learn to love yourself unconditionally, so you can transform all aspects of your life!

Marisa Grace

Presented by Marisa Grace,
Transformational Therapist and Mindset Coach!

We RECEIVE back what we put into the world through our actions, energy, and attitudes.  We can BLOCK negativity and cynicism by switching the script in favor of positive attitudes, and we can manifest happiness, peace and success in everything we do!

I bring you 20+ years of experience in Accounting, business management, project management, coaching, and clinical hypnotherapy.  Helping individuals improve their relationship with money, and helping those struggling with depression and anxiety overcome childhood trauma.

It's like getting an accountant, a financial advisor, and a therapist all in ONE!

In transforming your financial life, improving your money mindset and thereby your relationship with money, you can achieve a RICH LIFE!


To change your circumstance, To learn how to navigate the seasons of your life and personal state of being around money; To release all subconscious blocks, and FIND Perfect Self Expression so you can attract the success and abundance you deserve!!!!!!!!!!

Business Owner in Workshop

What's included:

*  16 (90 minute) Live Classes

*  Direct Q&A with Marisa

*  Access to recordings of all Sessions

*  Guided Meditations by Marisa relating to transformational topics

*  Step-by-Step workbook to set you off on the right track - Track your finances and progress

*  1:1 Therapy sessions to overcome underlying patterns of Trauma directly related to your relationship with money

*  Private Online Forum – Where We Communicate & Share Experiences

*  A Community Of Like Minded Individuals Sharing the Same Path – Priceless!

*  High level of 1:1 support.  This program is only open to 10 individuals so you will get my full 1:1 support and attention!

"My business had always been moderately successful, whatever I tried to do about it, nothing really worked.  Working with Marisa has changed my life and my business.  Marisa helped me clear blocks standing in the way, boosted my confidence, and within a week I started attracting opportunities that weren't there before."


"Marisa helped me deeply release a lot of past feelings that were blocking me from stepping into my power. I was so impressed with how much lighter I felt afterwards! She has amazing intuition and really helps you get to the root cause of your issue. Thanks again Marisa!"


"Words cannot express how grateful I am.  I feel amazing,

I am starting to feel like myself again and able to achieve my financial goals the way I always dreamed I would."


"Two weeks into the program there is such a shift in behavior. It's amazing!  Finally able to focus, I'm organized and I have a clear plan for my future rich life."



I hit rock bottom after I lost my job, and failed multiple times trying to start my business.  I used up all my savings and was struggling just to get by.  Even though I thought I had healed all my childhood trauma, I finally realized and found the connection between the Trauma and the relationship I was having with Money.

The universe literally stripped me away from every job opportunity and business opportunity I sought after until I got the message.  I needed to heal my relationship with Money.  Once I understood the four major factors impacting the energy flow of money, everything changed.  I finally succeeded in my business and opportunities opened up for me.  Discover how I turned things around in my life by changing how I think about money. I had to shift my money mindset, which was ingrained in me not only from my own experiences but also from my family's beliefs. Learn how changing your mindset can make a difference in your financial journey.

Everything I teach is because I personally struggled with it. The tools and strategies are ones I’ve spent years developing based on my personal experiences and my background as a Therapist and working in accounting & finance helping businesses grow.

And now, I want to help you do the same.

The common reason why many people struggle to make progress in improving their money mindset;

If you like to avoid money, you will also avoid doing mindset work.  You procrastinate and always avoid talking about money.

This might not be your fault, procrastination is a protective tool you've developed in childhood.  Childhood trauma effects everyone differently, and only when you start recognizing your behavior towards money will you start to recognize the patterns, the first Step in Healing this Relationship and Shifting the Energy around Money.

Even though you THINK you are the only one with money blocks, everyone has them.

It's time for a big change.

Most days you feel like you have little control over your happiness, your finances, and your ability to achieve the Rich Life of your dreams. You wish money, relationships and wealth were abundant in your life.


It’s time to take your power back. It’s time to shift from victim mode, and build a life you love to live.


This transformational program will take you from living life on an emotional, stressful roller coaster to a life that feels good, secure and confident in your present and future. 

This is for you if,

You are ready for a change and ready to invest in yourself.

You are motivated to do the work in order for your life to shift.

You have tried everything else, and are seeking further understanding.

You've hit a wall but have a desire to succeed in life.

Your guarantee...

If you show up ready to be coached and ready for change, and you do the work with your full mind, heart and soul, your results are guaranteed:


You will consistently feel more abundant and at ease within 4 months after our program or you'll receive a full refund.

Enjoying Outdoor

Register Now

Be a part of the one-of-a-kind Living the Rich Life, and see how your life can be transformed through the THAEM program.

Live classes 3pm - 4:30 pm Eastern NY Time

(12 pm PST / 8 pm London / 5 am Sunday Sydney)
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NOTE:  Due to the high volume of interest in the program, we suggest registering as soon as possible.  There are only 10 spaces available!

@ Full Discounted Program $3,333 (worth $20k)
@ 9 Month Payment Plan Available - $397.

* We are offering this early bird pricing - prices will go up.

* Fees are in U.S. currency; see for daily conversion rates. Your credit card statement will show currency exchange.

Vendor listed on your statement as MARTP Transformational Practice.


* Payment Plan: First payment is immediately transacted with registration, followed by remaining payments cycling every 30 days until complete – Additional administrative fees included. The single-pay plan is typically the most affordable option as payment plans may include additional fees. We are pleased to offer payment plans to allow more flexibility and expect clients to honor their contractual agreements, including continuing to make your agreed upon scheduled payments should they land after the program is complete. If a client falls behind in payments, access to the program may be removed, including access to all related benefits, until all scheduled payments are brought current.


* Refund Policy: Given the limited number of spots available and the high level of personal responsibility required for this program, there are no refunds after purchase.

Female Business Owners

Are you being called to grow & expand so that you can serve?

Working together is how we create abundance with Grace and Ease.  Sharing with the world is about community, making new friendships and educating around your passions.

Not sure if this is the right program for you?


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