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Marisa Grace

Reconnect To Self

When women reconnect back to their True Selves, they heal and repair that which has been separated or broken!



Your happiness back

* Gain the confidence you need to reach your goals
​* Motivation so you can get things DONE
* Learn to Love yourself again as you did as a child
* Get back to getting a good night of sleep
Start attracting Unlimited Abundance and living a life of Purpose!

Reconnect To Self is for you if:

  • You're ready to END Anxiety

  • You're ready to END Self-Doubt

  • You're ready to END Procrastination

  • You're ready to Connect to Your Inner Soul

  • You're ready to Release trapped emotions and subconscious blocks that are sabotaging your progress

  • You're ready to Release stagnant energy preventing you from manifesting abundance

Gain Control over
Your Life!

As we go about our lives suffering from misfortune and negativities of all kinds, including being manipulated, controlled or exploited, we are left feeling hopeless, worthless, with lack of confidence and motivation in life.

Learning how to reconnect with yourself unlocks a new level of clarity so you can start making empowered choices — aka the building blocks of a life you love.

When we reconnect after a difficult time through the Reconnect To Self Program, we increase clarity from a helpful, healing and higher perspective place, clearing stall energies from within.

In order to solve problems we encounter in our daily lives and ensure we are taking the most beneficial steps on our spiritual path, we must first take action to heal ourselves.

You can start your journey today!

Marisa Grace

Just imagine:

*  Having extraordinary belief and confidence in your ability to reach your personal and business goals;

*  Letting go of sabotage and procrastination, so you can effortlessly take action every day knowing that you WILL be successful;

*  Dramatically reducing depression and anxiety symptoms so you go about your everyday life with a clear mind;

*  Getting tools that you can use for a lifetime to rapidly eliminate fears and stagnation as you and your business reach new levels;

*  Feeling more Joy, Confident and Motivated every day to achieve your goals with ease;

*  Unleash Your Inner Self to find PURPOSE!

Here’s what you’ll receive inside the 10 week Reconnect To Self Program:  

 Transformational Sessions

Small group sessions to meet your needs. 

You’ll get 3 FULL hypnosis sessions to find and smash self sabotage and Self Worth blocks that might be holding you back, 3 Sound Healing sessions to balance your Energetic Body!  Holistic Nutrition plan to bring balance to your physical body.

Bringing FULL Balance to: Mind, Body & Spirit!

 Package Value ($3,500)

 Next Level Healing

From full hypnosis sessions to find the root cause of a block, balancing your Energetic Body with Sound Healing, to journaling to tune into your Next Level Self: You’ll get everything you need to heal your inner child, let go of inherited patterns, and break free from limiting beliefs that no longer serve you.

 Package Value ($priceless)

 Live Sessions & Support

Weekly coaching sessions to help you with personal development!  Receive a Meal Plan from our Holistic Nutritionist.  Continuous support via email or text for the duration of the program.

Post Program Follow up Coaching Call!

 Package Value ($2,500)

Connect To Self Community

You’re Going to need some support throughout the process. When Impostor Syndrome kicks in, there’s no better confidence booster than realizing everyone around you is in the same boat. The private Facebook community is there when you need it ! 

Head Shot


I'm so grateful we crossed paths! I came as a last resort to understand why I'm having such a hard time connecting to myself and accessing my inner knowing, as I tried about every possible healing modality. After one session I was able to see and give words to my confusion and felt like I was understood at soul level. I feel great now! I'm able to trust my intuition, meditate and get my energy levels back. Anxiety dropped, as I'm able to get out of my head and live from my heart more!! Marisa is very talented and insightful therapist. She carries amazing ability to hold safe, expansive space, with much integrity and support. Her voice is so soothing and reassuring. I would recommend Marisa's services to anyone! 

Girl's Portrait


I went into this not doubtful of the positive effects of the program, but doubtful if I would get any benefit. I wanted to overcome certain fears and anxiety but just didn’t know if it was actually possible for me, like if I was some special case where it would work for everyone BUT me. That said after speaking with Marisa I felt very eager to work together. She was extremely sweet and understanding and I felt comfortable and honestly excited to join her program. It was better than I could have hoped for. Marisa helped me connect the dots on issues that have been plaguing me my entire life. I’m not exaggerating when I say that this was the most effective program I have ever had. Marisa helped me open up some misperceptions of my childhood and about my relationship with my mother. It has literally freed me from some heavy guilt I have been carrying for a very long time. Thank you so much Marisa! I would whole heartedly recommend working with Marisa.

10 Week Program 

If you are ready to claim your life back, revolutionize your mindset, get rid of the FOG, Procrastination and Self-Sabotage so you can succeed in your career or business, this unique high-level program is for you!!

Combining coaching, Hypnosis, Nutrition, EFT and NLP to help you bring balance to your physical, spiritual and energetic body.  We will uncover mindset blocks that are holding you back so you can be the Best Version of YOU!

Find fulfillment, JOY, and Motivation so you can Level Up in Life!  


Marisa Offers 100% guarantee

If after 9 weeks following my program you do not see an improvement in any area

of well-being I will refund your program.

Ready to start?

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