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Marisa Grace

Presented by Marisa Grace

A guided breathwork EXPERIENCE

To help you shift your ENERGY, get into alignment with your Divine Self, clear the way for quicker MANISFESTATION so that you don't remain STUCK on what seems to be unlucky circumstances.

No Experience needed,

You will be Guided through Breathwork for deeper lasting transformation, by getting out of your heads and into your bodies.

Instead, you will:


Break through Fears and Blocks

Create Lasting Change in Your Life!

Why does our energy turn stagnant?
Repetitive restrictive thought patterns like fear, envy, anger, and jealousy, not moving your body enough, and consistent state of depression and hopelessness limits our naturally flowing energy and creates stagnation.  


What does it mean to be in a state of Stagnant Energy?

Stagnation” literally means “not flowing, clogged”, and it stops the body from being able to heal itself.

What are the symptoms of Stagnant Energy in the body?

Hormone imbalance and a weak immune system caused by Stress. Dysfunction of the heart and digestive system caused by poorly expressed anger, and Poor sleep caused by Repeated negative thoughts, are just some of the symptoms you might be experiencing.

How does realigning and releasing Stagnant Energy benefit me?

Our bodies are a unique ecosystem that crave activity, rest, and restoration.

By moving the energy around and stabilizing it, will prevent our bodies from becoming ill, and help you move forward with life.

How does Breathwork help move Stagnant Energy?

By releasing endorphins, the body relaxes, boosts energy and increases vitality.  It nourishes our physical body by oxygenating our cells, promoting healing, and boosting our immune system. Simultaneously calming our minds.

How effective is your technique?

It is highly effective and delivers quick results with the only side effect is bliss.

Guided Meditation

This Experience is in allot of ways more Powerful Online.

Here’s Why:

  • It’s easier for people to let go and become more relaxed when they are home, in a familiar space that feels safe.

  • You can lay there and enjoy the payoff of a live class.

  • There is no one else around to distract you.

  • I will be live coaching you through your headphones or speakers.

  • You don’t have to drive anywhere to get the benefit of the class.

  • We all need this badly right now!

“This class felt like years of baggage being lifted off my shoulders”

Alexa Morris, CA



Helps release the pressure of Stress, by bringing the body and it's nervous system to it's normal state.


Releases tension and anxiety trapped in the body.


Scientifically proven to decrease blood pressure.  One of the quickest ways to bring down hypertension.


Improves alertness, focus, and memory.  Promotes creativity!

Like some of my participants said, you have to try it for yourself to experience the results!

I’m hosting these incredibly transformational breathwork workshops online.

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Workshop is about 1 hour long

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Navigating in Woods

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$25/per attendee

Experience the ultimate flexibility with our exclusive workshop, available for a full 30 days! Delve into the enriching content at your own pace, allowing you to savor every moment and dive deep into the intricacies of the workshop. The beauty lies in the freedom to enjoy the sessions at your convenience, rewatching and absorbing the valuable insights as many times as you desire. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a newcomer eager to explore, this extended accessibility ensures that you make the most of this immersive learning experience. Embrace the convenience of a month-long window, providing ample time for thorough understanding and the joy of revisiting the workshop at your leisure.

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